Sunday, June 1, 2008

Happy 30th Birthday!

A friend told one of their other friends that I loved doing cakes. I had just finished the classes, and was trying to put myself out there for more practice. She was given my number and called, asking if I could do a cake for a large birthday party. We spoke on the phone, and decided that I would do 2 9x13 cakes, one chocolate and one vanilla. The exclamation point is the pieces of cake that I cut out to form the numbers. She wanted bright, almost neon obnoxious colors, so I went to town on the food color gel. I had never done anything this bright, it was interesting...

This cake was huge. I used 4 large pieces of cardboard taped together, 2 pieces per layer, to support the cake. She loved it, although it was bigger than she had thought it would be. There was plenty to go around, and I had my first taste of doing business.

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