Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ahoy Matey!

Are you ready for a "lootin" good time? This cake was a perfect pirate cake, and what better treasure than a yummy caramel buttercream under all that fondant. Made for a pirate themed party, this is a full sized sheet cake. Frosted with delicious buttercream and then covered in rolled fondant. I colored the fondant green with cake decorating spray.

A yummy, gummy shark border keeps little hands away! The kids were served a gummy shark with each piece, these were laid in place, not glued with frosting.

The palm trees are made of shaped fondant, with wire reinforcing. Green tinted white chocolate palm leaves are attached to fondant and wire bases. I mounded frosting around the base for added stability and sprayed it green for "bushes".

A friendly little shark patrols the river. A little far upstream aren't you? With crushed graham cracker sand, and piping gel tinted blue for water, this little stream is a yummy mouthful.
The treasure chest candle was found at a local party supply store.

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