Cake Flavors:

Vanilla                                                  Chocolate
Marbled                                                Caramel
Carrot                                                   Cinnamon Roll
Root Beer Float                                    Orange
Pumpkin Pie                                         Strawberry
Sweet Potato                                        Cherry
Eggnog                                                 Lemon
Apple Cider                                          Banana
Red Velvet                                           Tres Leches (Cannot be layered, decorated with strawberries 
                                                                                   and sweetened whipped cream)


Chocolate Peanut Butter
Fruit Filling                                          Fruit Truffle Filling
French Vanilla                                      Pastry Cream
Chocolate Fudge                                  Lemon Curd
Cookies N Cream                                Coconut Cream
Chocolate Malt Cream


Italian Meringue Butter Cream            French Butter Cream
Fluffy Butter Cream                             Cream Cheese
Chocolate                                            American Butter Cream
Vanilla Bean                                        Toasted Marshmallow
Swiss Meringue Butter Cream           White Chocolate Cream Cheese                       
Caramel                                              Lemon Buttercream
**Rolled Chocolate                             **Fondant

*Several of the butter creams can be made into custom flavors such as peppermint, eggnog, and fruit flavor when ordering cupcakes, or can be used as a flavored filling when ordering cakes.

**Fondant and rolled chocolate can go over a normal coat of butter cream for those who like the look of fondant but not the taste