Sunday, June 1, 2008

Another Graduation

One of the parents of the church group teens asked me to make a cake for her daughter's private party. She also wanted a personalized picture of her daughter, throwing her hat and holding her diploma. The diploma is fondant, rolled into a tube.

A "Funfetti Border", was a lot of fun to do.

To add color to the side, I added orange curliques with black dots. She loved the look of the cake.


CissaLynn said...

Michelle, your cakes are FABULOUS!!!!! You definately have a talent!!!! :) How in the world do you make those roses???!!! I would have no idea where to begin! And, that basket weaved cake is beautiful!!! :))

Michelle said...

Thanks Cissalynn! The roses are quite easy, it just takes practice. If you go onto, there is a link for instructions to do lots of different flowers and techniques. Pictures and what tips are used... everything except the instructer to cheer you on. I think cakes is something people don't know they can do unless they try! I am thinking of offering decorating classes, as well as decorating services here locally. I love to teach people things that I know.