Friday, May 30, 2008

My First Class Cake

This cake was the first one I was assigned and brought to class. It is a basic exercise in drop flowers, leaves, stems, and writing. All are covered in Wilton's first class. I was so excited to start the class and learn more about doing cakes. I had taken in high school, a Christmas gift from my parents. But several years later, a friend asked if she could borrow my oven, hers was on the fritz, and she needed to bake a cake for her class. I remember sitting there watching her do flowers and thinking "I could do that!" So I signed up and away I went!

For this one, I made lots of simple drop flowers in different colors. In class we only played with white frosting, so I went crazy at home. The best ones I set aside, and used on top of the assignment cake. There are flowers on the side as well. This cake taught me the importance of planning, at least a little, your design.

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